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Apricot Jam by Nikki Legon

Apricot Jam by Nikki Legon

Delicious home made apricot jam...

home-made-apricot-jam-france3kg of apricots cut in half with stones removed

juice of 3 lemons

3kg of sugar

750ml water



Put a small saucer in the freezer.

Place the apricots in a large saucepan with the lemon juice and 750ml of cold water, partially cover and simmer gently for 30 minutes.

Add the sugar, simmer for a further 30 minutes to dissolve the sugar then turn the heat up to high and boil vigorously until the jam begins to thicken.

Stir occasionally to stop the jam sticking and burning.

Test the jam is done by dropping a small spoonful onto the cold saucer.

When the jam forms a crust it is ready.

Sterilize your jars, spoon in the jam, seal and place in the fridge or a cool place until ready for use, this will keep for several months in the fridge.