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Bass steak with truffles by Richard Toix

Bass steak with truffles by Richard Toix

Bass steak with truffles

Bass steak with truffles  Serves 4-6

6 bass steaks

500g potato puree               

5cl of gravy                       

2cl of truffle oil                  

24 slices of truffles        

Olive oil, salt, pepper                                 

Brik pastry sheets (two for each person)                 

Agar agar                       

Single cream



Make the potato puree, finish it with the cream, add agar agar and boil.                                            

Add the truffle oil, put it in a siphon and press the lever to release the gas                                                                                   

Fry the brik pastry sheets until brown

Cook the bass steaks in the olive oil, season and serve on to hot plates                                                                                                                                     

Roll the pastry into tubes and insert the puree inside using a piping bag (Alternatively, lay the pastry sheets flat next to the dish.)  Then place on the plate next to the bass                                                          

Decorate the plate with the gravy and arrange the truffles on the bass steaks and then salt them lightly.



Originally published in Living Poitou-Charentes magazine


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