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Vicki Bassey - Gemstone jewellery collection

Vicki Bassey - Gemstone jewellery collection

Vicki Bassey and husband Peter moved to France in 2005. Now based in Civray, Vicki has recently launched her own gemstone jewellery collection called Vivi Bijoux...


Why the move to France?

I’ve loved France from a very young age when my father and I would drive down to Greece, France was a big part of the trip for both of us. In England, I had a successful show kennel and I’m also an International Championship Show judge all of which was very demanding. Peter wanted a different, quieter lifestyle which we have found here. Having left a cottage with 3 acres, we knew that we did not want another place with land so we decided upon a lovely town house in the middle of everything with a manageable garden.


Are you still judging dog shows?

For the first few years of arriving here I had several judging commitments as you are booked up to 5 years in advance, but I have reduced the number of engagements over time and now just judge the speciality shows. Over the years I have met some wonderful people through dogs and, funnily enough, it is because of the dogs that I have started this jewellery business.


Tell us more…

Many years ago the then President of India’s son, who was a keen exhibitor, called me about a dog. Over the years we became firm friends and in fact he kindly hosted our wedding in New Delhi. He is a big player in the jewellery industry and, seeing that I was passionate about his fabulous jewellery, he encouraged me to become involved and so Vivi Bijoux was born. I can cherry pick unique pieces all fashioned in the capital of gemstone cutting at Jaipur and featuring gemstones sourced from around the world. Setting gemstones into sterling silver makes them much more affordable and allows you to have bigger carat weights. For added luxury, many of the pieces are overlaid with a platinum or 14K yellow gold finish. We also stock solid gold pieces and I like to think that we have something for every taste and budget, including some great stocking fillers like Murano rings and fun Shamballa bracelets.


What are your future plans?

The main objective is to let people know who and what we are and jewellery parties have been an excellent way of meeting people, explaining the jewellery and allowing them to try pieces on in a relaxed atmosphere. We will also be attending some Christmas markets and customers are always welcome to visit our boutique in the heart of Civray – just call or email to make an appointment. Our website is ready to go live, it is just a matter of uploading all our stock with photos which I am in the process of doing and then we can supply nationally. I am passionate about good customer service and I love nothing more than helping a customer choose that perfect piece of jewellery.

Prices start at 5€. See or contact Vicki on 05 49 97 01 29; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.