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Iurie Bulgac - professional painter from Moldova

Iurie Bulgac - professional painter from Moldova

The picturesque village of Esse in Charente-Limousine is perhaps not where you would expect to find the studio of Iurie Bulgac, a professional painter from far away Moldova, the tiny land-locked republic situated between Romania and the Ukraine... 


 What is your background?

Art is my life. I started painting at the age of 5 then went to art school at 10 to learn drawing, painting, sculpture and art history. After turning 14, I studied at the College of Fine Art in Moldova’s capital, Chisinău, until taking up a teaching post there. I eventually moved to Moscow for educational advancement; at the same time I exhibited paintings in Moldova. Moldova was then part of the Soviet Union, only the most gifted were selected and the state teaching was very high quality. The regime was extremely strict and we were taught classically, copying the work of the Russian masters. 

What made you move to Poitou-Charentes?

To further my career I decided to move, so in 2005 I explored Italy and France - the great European art centres. I discovered the area around Limoges, which reminded me of the verdant Moldovan landscape with its woodlands and vineyards, and settled in Esse.

What type of work do you do?

At first I couldn’t speak French and had no job. I learned the language in libraries, and from newspapers and the radio and found work with a commercial art company. Preferring the artistic freedom of working alone, I eventually opened my studio, enabling me to fulfil my passion by painting subjects that inspire me: landscapes, portraits, animals and my particular love, vintage cars. My car paintings were selected for the posters for the 2010 and 2011 Circuit des Remparts d’Angoulême and I undertake commissions from classic car owners, particularly British ones, who share my devotion to these beautiful machines. I teach painting, keeping to small groups which allows me to provide personal tuition. I am versatile in oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolour and pastel and enjoy working en plein air soaking up the local atmosphere, or painting from photos in my studio. I now exhibit regularly in French galleries.


Iurie Bulgac can be contacted in French by tel: 06 74 23 33 64 and in English or French by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Interview by Trevor Bridge