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Nola d’Enis, launching a new food blog "A French Lunch"

Nola d’Enis, launching a new food blog "A French Lunch"

Nola d’Enis, 48, is married to Jean-Luc and has six children aged from 23 to 4 as well as granddaughter Delilah, aged 2.
Originally from Zimbabwe, she moved to France in 2000, living in Bordeaux before they recently moved to near Mirambeau. A confirmed ‘foodie’, Nola writes about the region’s gastronomy & is currently launching a new food blog… 



What inspired your move from Bordeaux to Charente Maritime?

We never actually planned to move here. We’ve sort of crept over; we originally bought a ‘doer-upper’ to escape to at weekends... The big skies remind me of Zimbabwe.


Have you always loved food and cooking?

Yes. I have to admit that one of my prime motivations is eating! One of the great pleasures of cooking here is the seasonal produce available; I’m a very happy locavore. I cook a lot – with a large family you’re always planning the next meal.
I think it’s this that’s sparked my interest in what people are eating on a daily basis.


What is so special about this region?

I’ve a huge admiration for the older generation – they get things done. Obviously the food’s great – locally produced meat and vegetables, and cheese from goats I can hear bleating across the field when I hang up the washing.


And your favourite foodie find?

Tricky one. Probably the local dairy farmer. The milk’s not organic but I see the cattle grazing and I know they’re fed on fodder grown on the farm, no additives, no gmo. He marks the end of an era; like many struggling dairy farmers he can’t carry on indefinitely.


Your new blog, tell us a little about it...

It’s called ‘A French Lunch’ and it’s about what’s being cooked and eaten in the region. The criteria is simple - good produce, simply prepared. It was inspired by two things; the dismal number of restaurants offering industrially produced foods - and a visit to an elderly couple where I walked into their kitchen and was overwhelmed by the aroma of something amazing in progress. Madame took the lid off a pan on the cooker and there was a pheasant, golden joints of meat on a bed of onions; homegrown vegetables simmered in another pan. I wanted to know all about the dish and then share it with others and so the blog was born…after all, who doesn’t enjoy peeking into other people’s kitchens…


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