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For seven years, Living Magazine has been bringing you the best things to see and do across the south west of France. As we live here (and love it!), we are able to show you, our readers, interesting and unusual places to visit and activities to try. Over the years, we have travelled far and wide, visiting many of the regions highlights and going behind the scenes to bring you an insight that you will not find anywhere else. At the same time, we have uncovered unusual and fascinating places and traditions to share with you. Our discoveries have inspired us and we want to share them with you so you too can make the most of being here. So welcome to our archive of features - we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we have enjoyed writing them...


>> What to see and do


Have you ever wondered where to start, what you should see and do while you are here? Take a wander through our great days out, visit our local towns, and make sure you don't miss some of the great events that the region has to offer.


>> Where to stay and eat


With so many choices, take a look at those places that we have visited and can recommend. From Les Orangeries, the region's first eco-hotel, to the beautiful Couvent des Cordeliers in one of France's prettiest villages, there's something for all occasions.

For a fuller list of what's available, see here >>


>> Shops Etc!

Come with us as we explore some fabulous shops and a few other surprising places that we know you will want to visit. How about some mother-of-pearl or a visit to a chocolatier? Pull up a chair and do a little window shopping...


>> Food & Drink

cognac-charenteFrom cognac to truffles, this region's gastronomy is rich and varied. Traditional methods have been handed over through the generations resulting in some wonderful (and sometimes a little weird) specialities. Choose from the blackened torteau fromagé or the delicious soft macarons, pick one of the many varieties of juicy apples or cut into a charentaise melon full of the summer sun, and of course, don't miss the fabulous array of cheeses. With our help, your visit to the local market will be pleasure rather than a puzzle.

And then, once you have your treasured ingredients at home, local chefs share their recipes... 


>> French language help

For anyone making the move to France, language is top of the list. Our expert, Emma-Jane Lee, shares her favourite phrases from the extremly useful to the vaguely ridiculous so you too can talk like a local!


>> Gardening


Once you have purchased your ideal property, the hard work begins! We follow organic landscape designer Trevor Bridge as he sets up his potager and garden. What plants work well? What pests do we need to watch out for and how do we get rid of them? These are just some of the questions he answers in his popular series Wheelbarrow Gardener.


>> Angling

Our regular column, Hook, Line and Sinker, by local angling guru Ron Cousins is a favourite with fishermen across France. He shows you where to fish and when, the best bait to use, the tickets you require and what equipment is best...


>> Nature


Do you want to tell your kites from your harriers, find out more about the cranes overhead or see what life is like at the local wildlife rescue centre? Then this area is for you. Wildlife expert Chris Luck shares his knowledge of wildlife in the region with us...