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Make mine a lobster!

Make mine a lobster!

The Thouarsais are proud of an apéritif inspired by a blague eighty years ago... 

DuhomardIt all started as a joke. Back in 1921 Emile Diacre, a broker in wine and spirits, was taking part in a fishing contest in the Argenton river in the Deux-Sèvres. Feeling a tug on his line, he pulled it out of the water and much to his surprise discovered… a lobster!

His friends weren’t shocked, however. Through their laughter they explained that they had played a practical joke on Monsieur Diacre, placing the poor crustacean just where he would hook it.

In the end, however, it was Emile who had the last laugh – four years later he invented an apéritif which he called Duhomard in honour of his lobster catch. It is still going strong today, and is proudly recognised as an original product of the Thouarsais region. There is even a brotherhood to protect the drink, called the Confrérie du Duhomard.

It’s a mix of alcohol and quinquina bark, gentian roots and soft and bitter orange peel. The fruit is macerated in alcohol for quite some time, and the resulting drink is both bitter and sweet. It comes in a red, white and cherry, the white being sweeter than the red with the cherry having more of a tang.

It is mostly drunk neat with ice or with a slice of orange, lemon or lime. It can also be used in cocktails (see below).

Buy it online at the Duhomard website, which also gives a list of stockists:



Cocktail Duhcréole

4/10 white rum

2/10 Duhomard

2/10 lemon juice

1/10 orange juice

1/10 cane sugar syrup

Half fill a cocktail shaker with ice, add all the ingredients, shake and pour into individual glasses.

Cocktail DuKipic

1 cl Duhomard

1 cl Cointreau

1 cl orange juice

Sparkling wine

Mix the first three ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Pour into champagne glasses and top up with sparkling wine.