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Add a dash of “Je ne sais quoi”

Add a dash of “Je ne sais quoi”

Now that you are planning your French wedding, how do you add that special ingredient to give it the all-important je ne sais quoi? We asked wedding planner Beth Stretton for her suggestions…

Le Lancer de Riz – instead of paper or rose-petal confetti, follow the French tradition and throw rice. It’s also far less likely to stain a wedding dress!

Piece monteeLet them eat Piece-montée – If you are going to have a wedding cake, why not go French and order a piece-montée? The most common form is the croquenbouche, a tall cone filled with profiteroles. Two pieces of advice when it comes to a piece-montée: Firstly, if you are marrying in July, August or early September, when the weather can be humid, it’s best to discuss another design as many a croquenbouche has tumbled in the heat. Secondly, I have only ever known one guest to come back for more coffee flavour – to avoid any disappointment, stick to vanilla and chocolate.

Beep those horns– Any excuse to make a noise, particularly when it is considered entirely appropriate, is a thrill. Here in France the tradition dates back to the Middle Ages, when clandestine marriages were all the rage (it became the law to get married as loudly as possible!). So, if you are travelling in convoy, it’s an ideal opportunity to beep your horns; it is, after all, a French tradition…

Make mine a Kir – Kir Royale makes a great vin d’honneur drink. It also has the added benefit of being much more cost-effective than Champagne as the combination of the liqueur and the fizz means you have the option to use a cheaper sparkling wine without compromising on flavour.


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