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An attractive plant, angelica (or angélique in French) grows in hedgerows throughout Poitou-Charentes. Its spiritual home in the region is in the Marais Poitevin and around Niort where it is grown commercially and lends its acid-green colours to sweets and its gentle flavour to a range of ‘medicinal’ liqueurs. From bright-green candied stems on cakes and sweets to Chartreuse, Vermouth and gin, angelica is used to sweeten, flavour and colour.

Not only is angelica used in kitchens and distilleries for its scent and taste, it also has a reputation for its healing properties. Believed to be a digestive and bronchial aid, a tonic, a cleanser, and a plague-repellent, its range of uses as the ‘Herbe des Anges’ means that it’s not only delicious but good for you!
The roots and seeds can be used in teas; the leaves in sauces and mayonnaise. Related to parsley, it is also an ingredient of poivrade, a savoury sauce to be eaten with meat.



Angelica is available in shops across the Deux-Sèvres, particularly around Niort. If you are in need of a little angelic assistance in the kitchen, you can buy jams, liqueurs, fortified wines, chocolates, sweets, syrups and essential oils, as well as the more famous candied decoration.

Find out more from the Association de Promotion de l’Angélique who hold an annual open day and competition in October. You will find producers, restaurants and stockists in the Niort region on: