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Living magazine distribution map

We're delivering again!

We're delivering again!

We're delighted with the response that our October edition is getting as we deliver around the south west of France...

 Jon's out and about again but this time without his helpers. So, he's been trying to record his journey for you by himself. I think we may need to give him a few pointers, but he has bravely tried his first selfie...


He also tried some more creative shots - can you spot Living in this photo?


No? I'll give you a clue...


But he has now completed half of the deliveries: 

Charente: nearly complete

Charente-Maritime: from the north down to Rochefort and across have their stock

Haute-Vienne: complete

Deux-Sèvres: almost complete, Jan is delivering across the north this week

Dordogne: north has been delivered, south-east is being delivered today

Vienne and Vendée: to be completed

So if you see this van - give him a wave!