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Citizens' Rights post Brexit

Citizens' Rights post Brexit

Here at Living HQ we are working had to protect the rights of British citizens living in France so our readers can continue to enjoy living in such a wonderful spot.

 Whatever the rights and wrongs of Brexit, one thing has been made clear from both sides of the negotiating table, citizens' rights for the Brits in the EU and the EU in UK are a priority and we should be able to live our lives as before. However, given the complexity of 40 years of legislation, this is easier to say than do in practice.

As parents of 3 girls who have grown up in France but hold British passports, the importance of ensuring their rights (especially as the enter further education) has been upper most in our minds. We also work closely with hundreds of small businesses and speak directly to many of our readers meaning that we have a unique perspective on what Brexit means for people living here whether they are working or retired.

Rather than leaving our rights to others to protect, we have taken the decision to be actively involved in this fight and so Kathryn has become part of the Steering Committee for British in Europe, the coalition that advises both sides of the negotiations on the realities of living in the EU. Working alongside the3million in the UK, they have achieved unprecedented access to both sides. Kathryn will keep Living readers up to date with the latest information available in every edition and you can read more on our Facebook page.