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Peter Anderson - origami convert

Peter Anderson - origami convert

Peter Anderson (73 and counting!) retired some twenty years ago from the City of London. He now lives in Lusseray near Brioux-Sur-Boutonne with Christiane, his French wife, and is planning his first Origami exhibition...


How did you start Origami?

In my teens, I knew how to fold a bird which flapped its wings. Fifty years later I thought there must be more to paper folding than that!
It was Christiane who helped me to get re-started, discovering books about the different styles for me. She also found details of MFPP (Mouvement Français des Plieurs de Papier) on the internet which was my first contact with the outside world of origami.
The MFPP’s magazine “Le Pli” provided me with a wealth of information.


What style do you practice?

Origami has its origins in China and Japan over 2,000 years ago and is now an international art where the technical boundaries continue
to expand. My preference is to use traditional Japanese, Indian, and Italian papers. I started with books for beginners of very different styles and progressed from there. The range of modern origami is infinite: birds, animals, butterflies, flowers and boxes, and I now try my hand at most things.

Tell us about your exhibition

Every year MFPP organise a “rencontre” in different towns in France. Last year, it was in Angoulême. This was a 4 day workshop working with some of the world origami masters and it was my first meeting with other origamists - and boy at what a level - both educative and frightening! There, I accepted the challenge of organising an exhibition to demonstrate what is possible starting from a square sheet of paper.
The exhibition “EXPORIGAMI” at the Château de Javarzay (Chef-Boutonne) will show some 300 models. It is an opportunity to explain what Origami is about and perhaps inspire others, young and old, to become ‘hooked’. As well as the models themselves, my collection of books will also be on display and demonstrations and short workshops, if requested, are possible.


Exporigami ran from Saturday 27 April to Sunday 12 May 2013 3-6pm daily except Monday and Wednesday. Château de Javarzay, 79110 Chef-Boutonne. Free entry.