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Cognac - Christmas picks by

Cognac - Christmas picks by came into being through its founders' deep-seated love of cognac, and has grown into the leading Internet platform for cognac worldwide.

Sophie and Max - Cognac ExpertBrother and sister team, Max and Sophie, literally inherited their devotion to cognac. Their family has been living in Cognac's Fins Bois growing area for many decades, ever since their grandfather purchased an agricultural property near Barbezieux. And then, three years ago, just as the world of cognac had managed to shrug off what the industry freely admits was 'a stuffy, old boy's brigade' image, these two young entrepreneurs managed to jump on board the cognac train at the perfect moment.

As cognac reinvented itself into one of the most coveted luxury products of the 21st century, Max and Sophie came up with the idea of creating a website. The idea being to make this rich tradition accessible to fellow cognac enthusiasts across the globe, as well as having an impact on how the new 'golden age of cognac' was going to unfold...

Sophie and Max have great admiration for family-run cognac houses. And this isn't only for the heritage and commitment, but also because they know what a challenge it is to hand down family traditions and values from generation to generation. The philosophy behind is to share knowledge about cognac producers, large and small, in order to spread awareness about this exceptional and precious spirit beyond its homeland of France.

The site regularly delivers information about the industry, product launches and current news from brands and cognac houses. It also pays a lot of attention to independent journalistic blog posts, with interviews, personal opinions and travelogues on visits to the region. You can find out everything about the history of a cognac house; its unique qualities, visiting information and products.’s international readers are able to share their thoughts and exchange their personal experiences openly, and have been doing so since the very beginning. The website’s popularity continues
to grow by the minute - with half a million hits per month, Max and Sophie have a lot on their hands. 

Browse this extensive website and learn everything about today’s most sought after spirit. And feel free to share your experience, taste and questions in the comments section. Recently, introduced e-commerce to the site, which means users can now buy their favourite bottles online!

Here are Max & Sophie's pick for the festive season...


Paul Giraud NapoleonPaul Giraud NapoleIÇ-üon

This medium-sized producer with a long-standing family tradition makes a very solid cognac - one that offers great value for money. The Napoleon is one of Paul Giraud’s oldest bottles, making it a serious and mature cognac. The real cognac lover will love this product for its authenticity and quality.


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Jean Fillioux Reserve Familiale Jean Fillioux XO Reserve Familiale

Jean Fillioux is proud of its ancient family tradition in the cognac industry. Similar to Paul Giraud, this brand is medium-sized and puts a huge emphasis on traditional methods of production. The Reserve Familiale is one of their finest cognacs, and the perfect addition to any connoisseur’s collection.


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Bache Gabrielsen Hors d'Age Grande Champagne Bache Gabrielsen - HORS DAGE

Bache Gabrielsen Hors d'Age Grande Champagne - For everyone who appreciates some purist Scandinavian elegance, the cognac house, Bache Gabrielsen, is number 1 on the Norwegian market. Its understated sophistication in design is coupled with a high quality of cognac. The Hors d’Age Grande Champagne is a blend to be enjoyed on special occasions.

136 €

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Leopold Gourmel Bio Attitude Leopold Gourmel BIO Attitude

At an age and price level of a VSOP, this cognac is smooth and light in colour. It's also produced organically, meaning that from vineyard to distillation to ageing, no chemical pesticides or additives intervene with the production. A cognac that makes you feel connected to the natural terroir.


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Bernard Boutinet Extra Bernard Boutinet Extra

Bernard Boutinet, another smaller producer from the region, creates a mature Extra Cognac with wonderful mahogany shades and touches of bronze. This is all thanks to its 3:1 blend of twenty-five and twenty year-old eaux-de-vie. Delicate scents of dried fruits, apricots, almonds and cherries enrich the “rancio charentais,” that is fully expressed in this sophisticated cognac.

€ 123

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Hine Vintage Millesime 1983 Early LandedHINE - 1983 Vintage Early Landed

Hine Cognac has the unique history of ageing a part of the eaux-de-vie in Bristol, England, cognacs that they describe as, “early landed.” The house has a range of these rare, vintage bottles, each one specifying its year of harvest. The Vintage 1983 Early Landed makes a wonderful gift for any cognac enthusiast born in that year. Hine has many other vintages in their range.

€ 320

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Cordon Bleu MartellCourvoisier - Vintage Connoisseur Collection 12 Years

Cordon Bleu by Martell celebrated its centenary in 2012. Surely one of the most iconic blends when it comes to the larger, well-known houses, it boasts a classic bottle design and represents confidence and tradition. Perfect for the winter months, this cognac has quite a masculine taste with a punch of spices. Taste the legacy of this 300-year-old cognac house...

€ 120

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Courvoisier 12 Years

This product is relatively new to Courvoisier’s range, its specialty being that it is a blend of eaux-de-vie that are 12 years and older. It's not too intrusive in taste and has a consistent nose and palate. The finish of this medium-aged cognac is smooth but not sweet. Also very tasty on the rocks or in an elegant cocktail - such as a cognac-based Cosmopolitan.

€ 48

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Prunier XO Tres Vieille Grande Champagne

For those who like a fruity and sweeter cognac, this mature XO by Prunier is an ideal choice. Prunier, a family owned and run cognac house, has a two hundred year old tradition in cognac making, placing a lot of emphasis on their values and tradition.

€ 85

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Hennessy XO Hennessy XO

Another one of the cognac classics. Presented in a compact and beautifully decorated bottle, Hennessy’s XO is ideal for the many women cognac lovers out there. It’s not light; in fact it has a mature body, and, contrary to the popular myth that women only enjoy pale or sweet cognac, is enjoyed by ladies the world over.



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