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Open Day at UIT Angoulême

Open Day at UIT Angoulême

As part of Living Magazine's commitment to helping students across the region, we worked with Antoine TESSONNEAU, Chafeck EL FELLAOUI and Rémi MAZARD currently studying at the QLIO department at the UIT of Angoulême. Their assignment was to introduce their department to Anglophone students living in the region and encourage them to visit the Open Day on Saturday 11th March 2017 from 9.30 am to 5 pm.

You don’t know what to do after your Baccalauréat?

The UIT of Angoulême is for you!

The University Institute of Technology (UIT= IUT in French) of Angoulême is located in Angoulême, 4 Avenue de Varsovie. Students can get a University Diploma of Technology (UDT=DUT in French) at the end of a 2-year training course.

The UIT of Angoulême has 5 departments:

GE2i: ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCES: This department is focused on electricity and acoustics. The production, distribution and use of electricity are studied.

TC: MARKETING TECHNIQUES: As the name suggests it, this department is focused on Marketing but the company and its environment are also studied.

GMP: MECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION: Students have to get used to the evolution of technology (computer-integrated manufacturing) and must work on the different steps of the production.

MMI: TRADES OF MULTIMEDIA AND THE INTERNET: Students study the multimedia technology and the development of the Internet.

QliO: QUALITY, LOGISTICS AND ORGANIZATION: Students have 3 real tasks : Control the flows of information, materials and people, manage Quality in implementing continuous improvement and optimise the organisation of the company.

These Higher National Diploma (HND) opens up job prospects in all fields of activities. This training course recruits people from different types of Baccalauréats (equivalents of A-levels) : with a scientific Baccalauréat or specialized in economy as well as people who stopped school and decided to take up studies again.

In the first year in QliO you have to do a 4-week placement in an industrial company in order to discover the business world and how it works.

You can be asked to carry out a specific task if you already have experience: inventory management (Logistics) or write procedures for continuous improvement (Quality). In the second year there are two types of work experience: the first one is a 2-day release course during 10 weeks groups of two. This experience is not scheduled in the other QliO departments. It is the first strong point in QliO Angoulême. The other one is the ultimate 12-week work placement you can do wherever you want to, as far as it is in a big company. It gives the students a great opportunity to immerse into industry practice and to familiarize with working life.

Every semester students also have a group project with the teachers offering tutored monitoring.

Thanks to QLiO students are trained to improve their communication skills because they have to present different topics to the class every semester

Moreover, when you get your diploma you have two possibilities: you can start working or get a professional degree or continue in a lot of schools (Business School, Engineering School, Bachelor Degree).

If you want to have more information on this career-centred 2-year training course come to meet the students and the teachers, and visit the place on the Open Day :

DAY 11th March 2017