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La Rochelle's Vieux Port is pedestrianised

La Rochelle's Vieux Port is pedestrianised

As revealed in the Feb/March 2015 issue of Living Magazine, the Maire of La Rochelle has implemented plans to pedestrianise the old port. The city came out in style yesterday as the final car drove symbolically along the quayside at midday...

Newly pedestrianised harbour © Julien Chauvet - Ville de La Rochelle

Each day more than 9,000 vehicles passed along the quai Duperré of which 6,000 were through traffic according to the city's head of urban mobility Jean-Marc Doubeste. This is a reduction from 35,000 some twenty years ago but still too many for Maire Jean-François Fountaine. As part of his electoral promises, the city centre side of the historic port is now only open to essential vehicles allowing pedestrians and cyclists space to admire the picturesque harbour front and Saint-Nicolas and Chaine towers.

Only buses, taxis, cyclists, deliveries, as well as electric, tourism and securityvehicles will be allowed access and local residents and artisans can apply for badges.

This is just the first part of a planned redevelopment of the Vieux Port at the centre of La Rochelle which will be completed in 2020.



Vieux Port Apaisé. Aujourd'hui 4 juillet, un dernier véhicule a circulé symboliquement sur le quai Duperré avant que le...

Posted by La Rochelle Ensemble on Saturday, 4 July 2015