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Living magazine distribution map

Delivery days

Delivery days

Once the magazine is printed, you may think our job is done but in fact we only have a few days grace until the magazines arrive from the printer and deliveries begin. I went out for a day with Jon to see just what this involves...

Living Magazine delivery france

We set off at 7.45am having loaded the car and trailer for the day. Based in the south Vienne, our travels were to take us to La Rochelle, then down to Rochefort and back across country delivering as we went.

First stop is timed to coincide with shops opening in Surgères where we dropped off at the supermarkets before meeting Fiona. As half of Markey's Pies, Fiona stocks Living and takes to several markets around the region as well as dropping copies into the Tourist Office amongst others. A quick handover of several hundred magazines and we are back on the road. Next stop is La Rochelle airport, a key stockist for both the Magazine and the Summer Guide. Trolleys loaded, we head for customs so we can restock the all-important Arrivals Hall before leaving copies on the Welcome desk and the Car Hire desk in the main hall.

Sunny La Rochelle airport

Magazines are distributed throughout the airport

Next isLa Rochelle centre – not an easy task with the new road layout. Finally we make it to the Tourist Office, out with the trolley and several hundred magazines are offloaded for their customers. Copies are also left in several hotels, restaurants and museums before we make one the most important stops at the sandwich shop with a view. Lunch bought, we leave La Rochelle behind.

Apparently the best sandwich shop on our route

And what a great view over La Rochelle's Vieux Port

Chatelaillon-Plage is our next destination where we start with the Tourist Office. Here we bump into a potential new advertiser who was impressed by the feedback from the Tourist Office manager, fingers crossed! Then it is onto hotels and spas, dodging the tourist train as we go and, unfortunately, no time to stop for a paddle in the sea.

The tourist train slows our journey but not for long

So we have time to admire the view...

Lunchtime finds us in Rochefort offloading more packs of magazines for the Tourist Office who were delighted to see the feature on l'Hermione. A handful of hotels and shops later, we are back in the car heading to Trizay and the beautifully positioned Les Jardins du Lac hotel and restaurant. At last we find a layby and it is sandwich time – no more eating as we drive after the latest law changes!

Deliveries to Rochefort Tourist Office

From here we wave at the Transbordeur bridge as we drop into Tonnay Charente before heading inland to Saintes. After a dash to the Tourist Office, we are relieved to find the parking space outside La Perfide Albion empty – parking with the trailer in peak season can be challenging. As well as being an advertiser and stockist themselves, La Perfide Albion also act a hub for Living Magazine. We leave quantities for two volunteers who pick them up and then distribute them on, Veronique completes the Saintes deliveries while Annabel takes them on to Pons for us.

Delivering to Saintes Tourist Office beside the arch has its upsides

English shop La Perfide Albion are a hub for Living Magazine

Volunteers pick up Living for onward deliveries

At this point, the car points for home and we head to Saint Jean d'Angély where another Tourist Office awaits a trolley full of magazines. Here we visit a couple of advertisers, IdImmo and the recently opened Comptoir Déco. Although we don't have much time, it is always good to see our customers and spend five minutes catching up.

This trolley full is the first of several for Saint Jean d'Angély

One of our final stops of the day is at Nicky & Richard's gites near Matha as they too are kind enough to drop Living into their local stockists in and around Matha. Onwards to Aulnay for the remaining few deliveries before the car and trailer are completely empty and we have no alternative but to head home and restock for tomorrow, when Jon will be Deux-Sèvres bound.

We're nearing the end and Jon is still smiling

Total time: 10h45mins

Total kms: 430km

Total number of stockists visited: 46

Total weight of magazines delivered: 750kg

We also deliver to lots of supermarkets so we see a fair few car parks too!