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Buy us a Ko-fi!

Buy us a Ko-fi!

We all know that print advertising is a tough sell at the moment so we're asking our readers to help us out...

 Running Living Magazine is a great job but one that also has its challenges!

From the beginning, we have been told that print is dying and that everything will move onto the web, but we know from talking to our wonderful readers just how much having a real copy of Living in your hands is valued. While we have lots of readers on the web, we know that people can't wait to get their hands on the real thing - just watch Jon walking through any town centre with Living Magazines to see how many are immediately given out. 


But, it is true that advertising spend is less than it used to be. Some of our clients have split their money with online advertising while others have simply gone out of business in these difficult times. Local and regional tourism organisations have had their budgets slashed and have cut all advertising to safeguard staff salaries for the second or third year running. While we work hard to bring in new clients, we are also seeing big increases in costs like diesel, paper and postage which are having a significant impact, particularly during the winter months when advertising is naturally quieter.

One of greatest strengths is that Living Magazine is stocked everywhere and we don't want this to change. If we were to put a cover price on the magazine (which many readers have kindly said they would pay), we would have to change how we get the magazine to our readers. We'd need to go through paid distribution channels like tabacs and newsagents rather than our local airports, tourist offices and businesses, many of whom rely on Living Magazine to bring in regular customers. 


And so, we have decided to do something completely different! We are simply asking that if you enjoy this latest edition, please buy us a coffee. 'Buy us a coffee' is just a friendly metaphor for a small payment of 3€ which we hope you will agree the magazine is worth. It is paid via a Paypal partner site called Ko-fi, very simple to do with just a credit card (you don't even need a Payla account). If you have enjoyed the magazine over the past 10 years, you may want to buy us a couple of coffees, one for Jon and I!

These payments will be ploughed back into the business and used to find the next print run, making the winter editions just a bit less stressful.

Buy Living a coffee

If you would prefer to pay directly, you can send us a French cheque to 2 rue Buffefeu, 86400 Linazay or ring us on 05 49 87 29 71 to pay over the phone.

Thank you!